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OTK Web Solutions is an innovative software company in Malaysia specializes in Rapid Application Development tools. For more than a decade, we observed numerous software companies and their software development practices, design architecture, and product quality. Most are aware of the importance of adopting good models and best practices, but some failed to do so due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Tight project time line.
  • No or lack of reusable components and development framework.
  • Almost every project needs to develop from ground up.
  • Frequent change requests issues.
  • Lack of resources.
  • Lack of highly skilled people.
  • Can't afford to have an expensive standalone research team.

This had led to a crisis whereby most of these software companies are unable to move forward to other projects. Due to tons of bugs and customer complaints, all resources are tied up in supporting current projects, and at the same time being ambitious to run on multiple new projects concurrently. The typical solution to overcome this is to hire more staffs or contract workers, which results in the proportional growth of software development costs versus number of projects engaged.

This is why OTK Web Solutions emerged. Our major goal is to address this industry issue with solutions that based on real-world software development experiences and 'dogfood' concept -- we only release it and sell it when we find it provides significant gain to our software development productivity and quality.

We believe in one thing: "If software can improve human lifestyle, developers should enjoy the same". Why do we need to compromise or sacrifice our employees' personal time, health, happiness, and also great business opportunities, costs, and respects, just to meet the project deadlines? Is "deadline" mean everything to us?

Let's work together and prove the difference!

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